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Virtual Print Engine


The Virtual Print Engine (VPE) Library uses Ideal Software’s Virtual Print Engine to print. Create any type of report, or use the advantage of the Winprint compatible interface. This makes it easy to migrate DataFlex WinPrint reports to VPE reports. Documentation of the library is installed in the Help folder of the library. It is easy to change Winprint reports into VPE reports, offering a lot of advantages.

Being able to output PDF is an important feature. This is possible for Windows as well as Web applications, offering powerful and seamlessly integrated web-reporting capabilities to applications.

The VPE library is a DataFlex Library that you can attach to a workspace of your own choice and it enables you to print using Ideal Software’s Virtual Print Engine.


The library files do not include a license to Ideal Software’s Virtual Print Engine. You need to download this yourself from their website.

Of special note

The VPE Library is made available “as is”. Data Access Europe cannot be held liable for any damages related to the use of the library. This version is beta software, do not use it in a production environment.

Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: 15.1 Publication: January 29, 2020 File size: 3 MB


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