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One of the controls in the CodeJock product suite is a trayicon. Your application can when used minimize to the tray instead of the taskbar. A popup with commercial information can be shown and it is possible to have a DataFlex driven floating menu popping up when a right mouse click is given.

To use this library you need to purchase the CodeJock Suite Controls.


  • It’s useful for applications that continuously run, but you don’t actively use all the time. Think of Microsoft Teams, Outlook etc.
  • Or for applications you frequently use, but you don’t want them to take up space in the taskbar
  • When closing an application used in the system tray it doesn’t completely shut down, which results in a faster start up time when opening the application again
  • You can add options for the context menu to the applications in the system tray. You can add elements to the pop up menu when right clicking the icon. Think of actions mostly used for that application


tray icon floating menu
Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: For DataFlex 24.0 Publication: March 28, 2024 File size: 10.7 MB Thirdparty License: View thirdparty license


Supported versions

  • DataFlex 2024 / 24.0
  • DataFlex 2023 / 23.0
  • DataFlex 2022 / 20.1
  • DataFlex 2019 / 19.1

 For support go to:



Prior versions

Changes since last version

  • Compiled with DataFlex 2023 (v23.0.51.87)
  • Based on CodeJock 22.0


The balloon tooltip function fails to operate under Windows 11. This is a CodeJock bug that needs to be addressed by CodeJock.

Changes since last version

  • Compiled with DataFlex 2022 (v20.1.31.70)

Changes since last version

  • Compiled with DataFlex 2020 (v20.0.7.152)
  • New version of CodeJock's trayicon control

This zip file contains a library based on CodeJock 17.1.0 and a DataFlex demonstration application.


  • Branding changes
  • Change to CodeJock 17.1.0
For DataFlex 14.0