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The Quill Editor is an open-source WYSIWYG web editor with a very small footprint. It allows you to store formatted HTML content in your database records.

It supports embedding images and code sections with code highlighting among other features for advanced users. It is easy to setup and even has partial Unicode Support without DataFlex 20.

Have you used the Froala Editor in the past? Quill is able to read your content without a problem!

Changelog for this version (1.2)
  • The Editor's field is by default white to indicate 'disabled' (gray) when pbEnabled is False.
  • Custom Fonts and Sizes don't need to be put coded in CSS anymore; it's is now all done automatically.
  • pbInlineImages, allows for inlining images in base64 blobs within the HTML (Do look out for Field Sizes which might cause loss of data).
  • Most styling is now inline which makes the editor more E-mail (template) compatible.
  • A new Function HasChanged(), can be used to know whether a user has typed something in the editor.
  • Fixed stability issues when changing fonts and sizes.
Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: v1.2 Publication: 05/10/2022 File size: 13.2 MB


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Prior versions

Changelog for this version (1.1)

  • Fixed a bug where pbEnabled did not fully disable the control. 
  • Fixed a bug where ’V’ triggered a paste.