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Printer Driver Analyzer


The DataFlex Printer Driver Analyzer enables you to see information like supported paper names, paper size, paper bins and much more. It’s useful to see this information, so you know which settings are available when creating a report.

Want to see how the DataFlex Printer Driver Analyzer works? Watch this video course on the DataFlex Learning Center!

The information enumerated and shown is retrieved by implementing the DeviceCapabilities Windows API function.


Printer driver Analyzer 23.0
Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: For DataFlex 24.0 Publication: March 13, 2024 File size: 1.1 MB


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Prior versions

Changes from 20.1

  • Compiled with DataFlex 23.0

Changes since v20.0.2

  • Compiled and tested with DataFlex 20.1

Changes since version 19.1

  • Compiled with DataFlex
  • Migrated internal working to Unicode and 64 bit
  • Based on an updated set of libraries

Changes since version 19.0.3

  • Compiled with DataFlex
  • Fixed a couple of memory faults
  • Renamed tool from DeviceCapabilities to PrinterDriverAnalyzer

Changes since version 19.0.2

  • No longer requires to be present
  • Compiled with DataFlex 19.0.33

Changes since version 19.0

  • Testing if number of copies can be set. If it can be set the tool shows the maximum value
  • Testing if collating is supported
  • Showing which fields from the DEVMODE structure can be set change

The tool required to be present, need for this removed.