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Modern Web Browsers all handle displaying of PDF’s in a different way, with mobile browsers often choosing to download the file instead. The PDF Viewer allows you to display a PDF inline in a uniform matter. On every browser and every device.

The PDF Viewer can deliver a stored file (e.g. a price list) or a generated document such as an invoice interactively created with DataFlex Reports.

There is a DataFlex Learning Center Course available where Henri demonstrates the DataFlex PDF Viewer Library and how to implement it in your application!


Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: 20.1 - 19.0 Publication: October 26, 2022 File size: 36.5 MB


Supported versions

  • DataFlex 19.0
  • DataFlex 19.1
  • DataFlex 20.0
  • DataFlex 20.1


For support go to:



Prior versions

UPDATE 17/01/2020

Complete overhaul of the structure. The workspace(s) has been changed from a technique demonstration to an actual functional control. After creating an instance of the cWebPdfViewer you can use LoadPDF to populate the viewer.