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FileList Import & Export


DataFlex uses a central file to store the table names available in a workspace. The name of this file usually is filelist.cfg. The contents can be edited from the DataFlex Studio, Database Builder or own code using the DataFlex database API.

If you want to merge two filelist files or do a quick edit of its content you can use this small tool to:

  1. Pick the filelist of a workspace (or any filelist on your system)
  2. Export all its entries to an XML file of your choice
  3. Open this XML file with any editor that can handle XML files
  4. Modify its contents
  5. Save the changes back to disk
  6. Import the XML file to a filelist

Screenshot of the tool

Make sure good backups are present when using import as all present entries will be removed.

The export file format looks as:

Export file format

If you would change the "20" to "2000" and import the file you will see the table has been moved from slot 20 to 2000.


Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: 20.0 Publication: 29/01/2020 File size: 550 kb


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Prior versions

This version is compiled with DataFlex 19.1 and requires a DataFlex 19.1 development or runtime license to be installed in order to run.



  • Manifest file embedded

This version is compiled with DataFlex 19.0 and requires a DataFlex 19.0 development or runtime license to be installed in order to run.



  • Version textbox in screen

This version is compiled under DataFlex 18.2. This is the initial release of this tool.