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The Dynamic Objects Library extends the WebApp Framework with the capability to dynamically create web objects at runtime. This can be done using a custom syntax which is similar to how dynamic objects are created in windows. The dynamic object container takes care of the extra synchronization needed to make this work on the web with process pooling and multiple session. 

When are Dynamic Objects useful? 

The most basic and illustrative example of dynamic object creation is creating and inserting new web objects at run time. Another example would be a customizable user dashboard. Users log in to your application and are presented with a dashboard that they can modify. The structure and appearance of each user’s dashboard is stored in a database and when the users logs in, the Dynamic Objects library uses the stored information to rebuild the dashboard. 

Video course about the Dynamic Objects Library 

For more information about how to install and use the Dynamic Objects Library take a look at this video course in the DataFlex Learning Center.

Since DataFlex 2021 Dynamic Objects are integrated in the product!

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