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DataFlex Diagnostics is a troubleshooting assistant, a tool that will inspect and report on settings and configurations that may interfere with a successful installation of DataFlex products, the use of development tools, and the deployment of your applications.

The end result of running the tool is a report displayed in your browser that will identify potential problems that may need attention in that specific computer’s environment. The report generated will list settings that may affect how DataFlex applications work and their values. Issues that need to be reviewed will be counted and the number of issues will be listed next to each category.

As you navigate through the report expanding or collapsing each detail line, you may obtain more information on the results when you click on a setting line.

For questions and suggestions, access the DataFlex Diagnostic Tool support forum.

Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: 1.1 Publication: 11/08/2022 File size: 1 MB



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Prior versions

v. (January 2017)

  • Shows missing CodeJock files
  • Wrong version of CodeJock component in Bin folder will be marked red and the expected version number will be displayed
  • Uses larger font on dialogs and improves on the layout
  • Summary screen will display the "Number of items not checked due to user account limitation"
  • Improves messages displayed for Codejock and anomolous registration files
  • Fixes WMI issue if computer is member of a domain
  • Includes user running the WebApp Server service