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If you ever need to develop a web scheduler, the DataFlex Web Scheduler Library will be an excellent option for you. Based on the feature rich Java Script Event Calendar from DHTMLX.

The Library lets you create a beautiful web calendar, supporting drag and drop, just like you can in Outlook or Google Calendar. And the only programming language you need to master? DataFlex!

Your calendars can have a large variety of views, a very clean UI and fully customizable design.

Order your Web Scheduler Library today. This includes the DataFlex Library, and a sample workspace. Please be aware that you need to purchase your DHTMLX JavaScript classes from DHTML, these are not included!

Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: 1.4 for DataFlex 24.0 Publication: March 20, 2024 File size: 51,9 MB


Supported versions

  • DataFlex 2024 / 24.0
  • DataFlex 2023 / 23.0
  • DataFlex 2022 / 20.1
  • DataFlex 2019 / 19.1

 For support go to:



Prior versions

Added DataFlex 2023 support.

Version upgrades:

  • Updated for DataFlex 2022 (20.1)
  • Updated to use dHtmlx Library version to latest (6.0.1)
  • Modernized library and demo code
  • As a result, legacy code has been removed and DF 18.2 and below is no longer supported. If you require the Scheduler for either DF18.1 or DF18.2, please download an older revision.
  • Updated docs

New features

  • TimeLine Tree: Allows the timeline to be (recursively) divided in sections and subsections. Each section containing subsections can be collapsed or expanded for more overview
  • Server Side Tooltips: Dynamically generate a tooltip on the server upon hovering a specific event. While optimized, this should be used sparingly as it does involve a server-client roundtrip.

Important changes

  • Simplified Scheduler including, minimizing code needed to include the Scheduler. Refer to the docs and demo for more info.
  • Rewrote some exisiting logic to be more consistent with other events and controls. The methods below now use a ByRef parameter that can be filled, instead of manually having to Set a (now redundant) property afterwards.
  • OnDefineUnits
  • OnDefineSections

19_1 version released!

  • Several small changes to support the 19_1 version. Usage should remain the same.
  • Reworked internal structure for better maintainability.
  • Fixed several small bugs.

Update 2017/09/22


Update 2017/07/13


  • Switching between views did not correctly update the psCurrentDate, psCurrentDateStart and psCurrentDateEnd which in some cases would lead to events not being shown when switching views or creating/editing events inside the new view. Switching views will now call on “DateChanged” passing along the old date as well as the new set of dates. If pbServerOnDateChange is set to true then OnDateChange will also be triggered.

Important changes

  • Timeline and Unit views
    • 2 new properties have been added: pbEnableTimelineView and pbEnableUnitView. In previous versions pbShowBtnTimeline and pbShowBtnUnit were used to determine whether their appropriate views should be created. To allow for mobile support, this caused problems when not wanting to show the buttons, but still wanting access to the respective views. To solve this, pbEnableTimelineView and pbEnableUnitView will now determine whether the views should be created and pbShowBtnTimeline and pbShowBtnUnit are responsible for the visibility states of their respective buttons.


  • Mobile support
    • Added additional touch and swipe support.
      • Touch events inside the scheduler can be used to view, create, edit and drag events.
      • Swiping left and right will navigate between the date ranges.
    • New property: pbAllowTouchEvents is used to determine whether touch input is supported. This is set to true by default
    • New property: piTouchDelay. Sets the time in ms to distinguish between a touch event inside the scheduler or just a regular touch. This is set to 500 by default. This means that after touching and holding for 500ms inside the scheduler, the event will register as a touch event inside the scheduler instead of a regular tap or scroll. At this point it will allow for creating or dragging events for example.
    • Visibility states for all buttons (day, week, month, timeline, unit, today, next, previous) can now be (Web)Set individually by changing the value of the respective pbShowBtn… accordingly. These also respond to WebSetResponsive calls.
    • Extra library component dhtmlxscheduler_quick_info.js (found in dhtmlx/codebase/ext) allows for on-touch quick info popups. This is useful in mobile environments where hover events are not supported.

Update 2017/02/09


  • Fixed a bug where occasionally events would not load in the Timeline view for a certain date range
  • start_date and end_date in the tWebDhxDateBlockTimespan are now of DateTime type instead of Date


  • Added a property "psBtnTimelineLabel" to allow for the label of the timeline button to be a custom value.

Update 2016/10/14


  • Fixed a bug where the Client would send an incorrect start an end date to the server when switching views. The client will now send the lowest currently shown date for the Start Date and the Start Date + piUnitDays for the End Date when switching to the Unit View


  • Extra modes for OnLoadEvents sMode
    • On top of the 4 modes based on view (day, week, month and timeline), the scheduler will now also distinguish between forward and backward navigation in a particular view. This will append the mode with “_backward” or “_forward” respectively. E.g. navigating forward in the timeline will result sMode being “timeline_forward”.

 Update 2016/07/29


  • Fixed a bug that would occur specifically when not using an Enterprise license in DataFlex 18.2. Upon leaving and re-entering the view the Scheduler would not load correctly as the existing instance was not properly destroyed upon exiting the view.


  • Improved touch support for mobile devices

Update 2016/06/09


  • Fixed a bug that would cause issues when not using an Enterprise license for the dhtmlx scheduler.


  • Renamed "piXAxisHourScaling" to "piYAxisHourScaling" - this was a naming error as the value changes the scaling for the Y-axis.
  • "OnDateChange" will now automatically set the "psCurrentDateStart" and "psCurrentDateEnd" to the currently displayed date range by default