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DD Class Updater Tool


This tool, written in DataFlex, can help you to smoothen the DataDictionary Class Names throughout your workspace(s).

With the release of DataFlex 2008 (v14.1) you can have multiple DataDictionary classes per table. This DataFlex Studio enhancement introduced new class names for the DataDictionaries; they now all start with ’c’ and end on "DataDictionary" (or your own DataDictionary class preference) instead of a short name in use since DataFlex 4 was introduced in 1996. While you can indicate that you want the legacy class and filenames Data Access suggest the use of the new names. If you want to have consistent names throughout your workspace(s) you can use this tool to make the changes.

The tool collects current DataDictionary class and file names from a selected workspace. After you selected one or more of them and press the Run button the source code of components in your workspace will be updated, the contents of the DataDictionary file will be updated and your DDClassList.XML will be updated.

You can add your own file extensions and remove paths from the search path.

The tool supports workspaces with a DDClassList updated or created in DataFlex 2008 (v14.1) or higher. If used on a non migrated workspace some of the work will be done and you might need to do manual labor. The tool will not migrate DataDictionaries from a pre DataFlex 2008 (v14.1) format to a newer format, use the workspace migration wizard for this.

It is strongly advised to either make a backup of your workspace before using the tool or make use of a version control system.


DD Class Updater 19.0
Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: 19.0 Publication: January 29, 2020 File size: 542 kB


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Prior versions

This version of the Data Dictionary Class Name Updater requires an installed DataFlex Studio 18.2 environment.


  • Changes regarding to branding changes in DataFlex 18.0
  • GPF fix

Initial release

Workspace developed for/with DataFlex 16.0