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A decent Windows application should have an about dialog with information about the application that runs. It usually includes copyright and version information and an image for product branding. Any DataFlex application can add an about dialog via a template or just augment the Activate_About method with project name, version number etc. The standard about dialog contains a button to popup a dialog with system information like the current Windows user, the currently used DataFlex license, the loaded database drivers and a few more items.

The About & Sysinfo library enhance this all by adding a dialog in which the project name comes from your application object, the version information from the executable and last but not least a very much extended and organized system information dialog. A user can pretty much find all system information related to the application in a treeview style view.

How to use? Simply add the library to your workspace and add the about.dg to the project code and the rest is handled for you.


System Information Project
Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: 20.1.1 Publication: 13/01/2023 File size: 4.7 MB


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Whats New in SQL Connectivity Version 6
Whats New in SQL Connectivity Version 5

Prior versions

This version was developed and tested with DataFlex 20.1

This version was developed and tested with DataFlex 20.0

Changes since first release under DataFlex 20.0

  • EnumProcessModules contained a message Delete_Data coming from an much older version of the library code and should not be used anymore in the current code
  • The code to expand database drivers with server information could only be expanded once, fixed


This version was developed and tested with DataFlex 20.0