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Many developers need to have functions to convert from one unit to another. We created a library that contains a number of classes and in each of the classes you will find the functions to convert. You will find functions to convert from Celcius to Fahrenheit and vice versa but also functions to convert from Ounces to Grams, from Gallons to Liters, from Meters to Yards, from Decimal to Hexadecimal or Octal.


The library contains the following classes:

  • cAbsoluteViscosityHandler
  • cAngleHandler
  • cArrayHandler (Removed in v19.0)
  • cBitHandler
  • cEnergyHandler
  • cHexHandler
  • cKinematicViscosityHandler
  • cLengthHandler
  • cOctHandler
  • cPowerHandler
  • cPressureHandler
  • cTemperatureHandler
  • cTimeHandler
  • cVelocityHandler
  • cVolumeHandler
  • cWeightHandler


The usage is as follows:

  • Create an object of the class that contains the function
  • Call the function in the object
  • If you want delete the object

Example code

Get Create (RefClass (cHexHandler)) To hoHexHandler
Get IsHex Of hoHexHandler "0D0A" To bIsHex
Send Destroy Of hoHexHandler


Object oTemperatureConvertor Is A cTemperatureHandler
Get CelciusToFahrenheit Of oTemperatureConvertor 14.5 To nFahrenheit



  • Convert values from one unit to another unit
  • Easier to use than find out the correct constant for the calculation yourself


Conversions demo
Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: For DataFlex 24.0 Publication: March 28, 2024 File size: 5.9 MB


Supported versions

  • DataFlex 2024 / 24.0
  • DataFlex 2023 / 23.0
  • DataFlex 2022 / 20.1
  • DataFlex 2019 / 19.1

 For support go to:




Prior versions

No code changes compared to version 20.1

No code changes compared to version 20.0.5

Reference changes for DataFlex 20.1 only

To be used with DataFlex 20.0 workspaces


  • First build for DataFlex 2021
  • Precision changes in cLengthHandler class compared to v19.1
  • Side-by-side installer
  • Fixed a problem with IDs from a old installer

To be used with DataFlex 19.1 workspaces 


  • In demo workspace the manifest file is moved/copied to AppSrc
  • In demo workspace the conversions.cfg has been updated to embed manifest files

To be used with DataFlex 19.0 workspaces 


  • cArrayhandler removed (functionality in DataFlex itself)
  • Demo / test application added
  • New installer
  • cTemperatureHandler class extended with RankineToFahrenheit and KelvinToCelcius
  • cAngleHandler updated (convert function renamed to ConvertAngle)
  • Removed double functions from cLengthHandler
  • Fixed compiler failure in cVolumeHandler


To be used with DataFlex 18.2 workspaces

To be used with DataFlex 18.1 workspaces

To be used in DataFlex 18.0 workspaces

To be used in DataFlex 17.0 workspaces


  • Added cTimeHandler class
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