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RTF ToolBar


Since revision 11, DataFlex contains a RichEdit control - based on Microsoft’s RichEdit control - build in.

Creating an object of this class offers formatted text to the end-user where the format is RichText. While extended formatting is possible the class only has Bold, Italics and Underline support pre-programmed.

This library contains classes, objects and ICO files to build a RTF ButtonBar and a RTF TypeFace Bar in your applications. The Toolbar uses the CodeJock CommandBars as their superclass.

Take a look at the screenshots to get an idea of what the tool-bar can offer to your application 


  • More formatting options than Bold, Italics, Underline
  • Font choice
  • Color choice
  • Super & Subscript
  • Ordered and unordered lists with several bullet types
  • Indenting and outdenting
  • Strike-through
  • Find & Find and replace



RTF ToolBar in Main Window
RTF ToolBar in View
RTF ToolBar Color Selection active
Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: For DataFlex 19.1 Publication: 29/01/2020 File size: 68 kB


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Prior versions

Changes since last version

  • The files oRTFButtonBand.pkg and oRTFTypeFaceBand.pkg are removed and converted in individual classes and support files (.DFO) for the DataFlex Studio. This way one can use the Studio’s Visual Designer to model the toolbars
  • Minimum required DataFlex 2021 version is:
  • Icon files with one icon replaced by multi icon files

To be used with DataFlex 19.1

To be used with DataFlex 19.0

To be used with DataFlex 18.2

For DataFlex 12.1