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Printer Driver Analyzer


This tool enumerates the printer drivers on your machine and after selecting one see all capability information as it is known thru the Windows API. For example find out what paper names are supported, if the printer supports duplex printing and stapling, what the supported papersizes are and what the supported paper bins are. The latter one is important if you want to use a different bin with DataFlex Reports and the printer does not support the standard upper bin.

The information enumerated and shown is retrieved by implementing the DeviceCapabilities Windows API function.


Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: 20.0 Publication: 29/01/2020 File size: 297 kB


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Prior versions

Changes since version 19.0.3

  • Compiled with DataFlex
  • Fixed a couple of memory faults
  • Renamed tool from DeviceCapabilities to PrinterDriverAnalyzer

Changes since version 19.0.2

  • No longer requires to be present
  • Compiled with DataFlex 19.0.33 change

The tool required to be present, need for this removed.