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DataFlex Diagnostics is a troubleshooting assistant, a tool that will inspect and report on settings and configurations that may interfere with a successful installation of DataFlex products, the use of development tools, and the deployment of your applications.

The end result of running the tool is a report displayed in your browser that will identify potential problems that may need attention in that specific computer’s environment. The report generated will list settings that may affect how DataFlex applications work and their values. Issues that need to be reviewed will be counted and the number of issues will be listed next to each category.

As you navigate through the report expanding or collapsing each detail line, you may obtain more information on the results when you click on a setting line.

For questions and suggestions, access the DataFlex Diagnostic Tool support forum.

Publisher: Data Access Worldwide Version: V1.1 Publication: 11/08/2022 File size: 1 mb


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Prior versions

Release Date: January 30, 2017

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What is DataFlex Diagnostics

DataFlex Diagnostics is a tool designed to help DataFlex developers in the process of troubleshooting their client, server, and development environments.


The tool scans the system where it is run, looking at settings and checking files that matter for a DataFlex environment to successfully function. It uses the credentials of the user logged in to the system, so the results will reflect issues for that specific user.


Reports are created using a unique name, allowing you to run the diagnosis multiple times without losing previous reports.


File Contents

DataFlex Diagnostics.exe -- the tool to run on a system that needs troubleshooting

settings.ini -- a configuration file used by the tool

DataFlex Diagnostics - ReadMe.txt -- this readme file

DataFlex Diagnostics - Version History.txt -- a list of updates included in each version of the tool


Installing DataFlex Diagnostics

  1. Download the ZIP to a local folder
  2. Unzip the contents of the ZIP to a folder where the tool will have full read/write access


Do NOT unzip it to a folder under Program Files. We suggest unzipping it to C:\DataFlex Diagnostics or to a DataFlex Diagnostics folder on your Desktop.


It is important that the user who will be running the tool has full read/write access to this folder. Read/write access is necessary because when run, the tool will create a subfolder (Output) where it stores files generated as a result of the analysis performed.


Running DataFlex Diagnostics

  1. Log in as the user who will run DataFlex products and DataFlex applications.
    The goal of the report is to detect issues a specific user may have, like insufficient rights to certain folders, so it is important to use the login of a potential DataFlex user when running the report.
  2. Double-click on the executable.
    The main screen will be displayed.
  3. Make your selections and click on [Generate Report].
    The tool will start analyzing your system and the results will be stored in the Output subfolder. If the subfolder doesn't already exist, it will be created.

    Once the tool has collected all the information and the report file(s) generated, a second screen will be displayed with the number of issues found and the name of the report files generated.
  4. Click on [Open Report] to see the results in your default browser
    If there were any changes made to your system while the report was being generated, those changes might not have been picked up by the tool. You should click on [Rerun Diagnosis] to generate a new report. That will take you back to step 3 in this list.
  5. Click on [Close] when done


Loading a Report after Closing DataFlex Diagnostics

You may open the reports generated by the tool after closing DataFlex Diagnostics by simply navigating to the Output folder and double-clicking on the HTML file created. That will open the report in your default browser.


If you selected to generate only an XML file, double-clicking on it will simply open the raw XML file using the program associated to open files of the XML extension. To create a report from the XML file, please read the next section - "Generating a Report from the XML File Created."


Generating a Report from the XML File Created

If you would like to generate a report based on the XML generated by DataFlex Diagnostics, you should drop the XML file onto the EXE of the tool (DataFlex Diagnostics.exe) and an HTML report will be automatically generated from the XML provided.


This is useful when you need to share results with others or to examine the results of a different user on another system.


Using the Report Generated by DataFlex Diagnostics

The report is divided into four sections:

  1. System Information
  2. Internet Information Services
  3. DataFlex Environment
  4. DataFlex Web Applications


Each report section will contain a list of items that were checked during the analysis performed by the tool. Issues found in your environment will be red flagged; potential issues will be flagged yellow; and items not presenting any issues will be flagged green.


Clicking on each item will expand the list to show details on what has been checked. If the item has no sub-items, clicking on it will display a dialog with extra information on the item and the check performed on that item.


Go through the list, inspecting especially the red flags, to review the information collected and decide what kind of adjustments your system needs.


Support for DataFlex Diagnostics

This is a free tool developed by Data Access Worldwide. It is provided as-is to assist our customers in troubleshooting environments where our products will run.


There is no support available directly from Data Access Worldwide. Community support is offered through our on-line Forums at under Resources. Please feel free to post feedback and suggestions to the Resources|DataFlex Diagnostics Tool forum.


Happy troubleshooting!


Legal stuff

Copyright 2016, Data Access Corporation. This software may be freely distributed and used on any computer system on which a properly licensed DataFlex Studio, DataFlex Windows or Web Client or DataFlex WebApp Server is installed.


Use of DataFlex Diagnostics constitutes the user's acknowledgement that the software is provided as-is and without warranty of any kind.